To Catch A Hollywood Predator: Nicki Minaj and the Cycle of Abuse

by Nathan French
File under: Fake Females20 Jun 2013 16:56 EDT

With the cancellation of "To Catch A Predator" a few years back, the American public needs a new outlet in which to indulge their voyeuristic cop and criminal fantasies.

We suggest that they switch their investigative focus to the big media conglomerates themselves if they really want to save America's children from future victimization. 

Leveraging more influence than any small-time molester could even dream of having, the American 'entertainment' industry has become the international leader in selling sex to children. Just look up any video featuring Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, or, more recently, Miley Cyrus if you don't believe us, as we don't want wish to dignify or support this ring with more publicity. 

But we exaggerate, don't we? Not at all. If you want some insight into the industry, consider that Lou Pearlman, founder of major 90s boy bands like The Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC, is an accused pedophile and convicted scam artist.

The ugly face behind the Hollywood glitter indeed.

We would like to also suggest that the case of Nicki Minaj shows just how parallel the psychology of a modern celebrity is to that of a victim of sexual abuse.

Very rarely do we actually hear about the backgrounds of people that have become famous, particularly these exploited pop stars, in the media. Perhaps because this would reveal how, like the most amoral pimp in the slimiest ghetto, the star-makers search out broken people that are practically asking to be re-victimized. 

Mianj's handlers are only slightly more respectable than your common predator. They've taken a human person and reduced her to nothing more to a pair of breasts and a backside — the exact same process of depersonalization a predator must undertake in order to justify sexual abuse to themselves. This is then shown to millions of young people as a kind of training video for their own futures of abuse and victimization. 

And Minaj's personal history backs all of this up. New York Magazine ran a profile of her a few years back that casually documents how this 'sex symbol' just coincidentally happened to have the upbringing of your average worker in a red-light district:

Minaj was born Onika Tanya Maraj in a rough section of Jamaica, Queens. Her dad was an addict who sold the family’s furniture to buy drugs; her mother, a nurse’s aide, struggled to keep a stable home. “To get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person,” Minaj says. “ ‘Cookie’ was my first identity—that stayed with me for a while. I went on to Harajuku Barbie, then Nicki Minaj. Fantasy was my reality. I must have been such a fucking annoying little girl,” she adds with a self-mocking eye roll. “Everywhere we went I was up singing or acting, like, ‘Hey look at me!’ ”

This mainstream icon could, and should, be regarded as a victim on par with the little girl, desperate for love and attention, who is lured away from her broken home with a piece of candy. Indeed, this whole habit of personal dissociation in alter egos often indicates a history of abuse and an attempt to recreate it in the safety of an alienated persona. Numerous medical studies have confirmed this, such that it is an operating hypothesis on which to judge her behavior:

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse often subconsciously attempt to re-enact their sexual trauma from childhood, and until they receive therapeutic help, they will most likely act out subconsciously by becoming an abuser or maintaining a victim-like nature.

Women who were victims of child sexual abuse are twice as likely to experience rape or other form of sexual assault as an adult. Female survivors might also find themselves in a relationship with a man who abuses them physically, or who physically or sexually abuses their children. Sometimes a survivor will re-create the unresolved trauma by forming friendships with people who abuse them or by taking a job with an abusive employer.

This is the reality behind the superficial sexual image, and it should make anyone with a conscience shudder that millions of their fellow countrymen partake in what is basically a massive exploitation ring. 

Every time you watch a Nicki Minaj video and think those bizarre, disjointed expressions on her face are just some kind of weird affectation, remember all the pain and darkness she is trying to conceal in her ill-fated search for love and attention at any cost. Remember that the only difference between a pimp and a contemporary music promoter is that Universal Music Group is much more powerful. At least pimps are more honest about what they are offering, and don't try to pass it off as harmless pop culture.

And, most importantly, remember that every abuser wants you to think that the fulfillment of their perverse desires are the only gateway to love and affection. A little memory of better times may suggest otherwise:

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Alex says:18 Oct 2014 3:06 EDT
Ohhhh.. 1998... Natalie Imbruglia 'Torn' (and her stunning beauty) and some hard rock made may 20's years old the best years of my life!
Anonymous says:04 Dec 2013 6:12 EST
Spot on. They aren't dumb, but they are pretty damn evil. Pretty good little psychoanalysis there actually. I literally forgot how awesome the 90's were. These kids are the first generation to see Communism fail, Nuclear Meltdown entered the vocabulary, space was bleh and computers were the shit, space is fucking amazing wow wtf is being alive, go big or go home, and the illusion everything was ok. Well, there was the dot-com boom and bust, "web 1.0," Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and a balls load other wars from our stupid shit, Japan...FUCKED, and borrowed fucking time. It's like some people are scared of living now and retreat to fucking with other people, whereas many years ago it was a hopeful different, but unified spirit. Much as it still is. It's like the "2090's" are happening at the same time as the 1940's. lol Crazy mess. Anyone who takes life not as it is, but believes we all will be better following what they tell us to do, is a fascist. I can build a baseball field and have games and make money...fuckin cool makin' bread and people be chillin and loving it. I can't kill all retards. They barely participate in life so I doubt they participate in anyones suffering, yet time after time we can see these cases of human beings treated like animals. We are expected to leave our parents' house at some adult age in all societies, right? Sure, some cultures and people become adults and move out at different ages, but it happens in all places no matter what. So why can we never "grow up" from the state. No matter where we go we are fucking cattle for like a handful of people. If there were no police tomorrow, would you murder your neighbor or just continue on? I'd say it doesn't matter if someone is in power or not or voluntary power, which is GOOD since there are actually good humans who genuinely help others and in a meritocratic society, they would rule, no? Not forced rule, by votes or some other fake bullshit. The internet is
Anonymous says:06 Sep 2013 14:27 EDT
Oh boo hoo hoo.

Take some responsibility for your actions girls. Any you. dear author, please let them do so.
Frylock says:03 Sep 2013 17:53 EDT
This analysis is absolutely phenomenal
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