Child Beauty Pageants Get Creepier

by Justin LeBlanc
File under: Fake Females19 Feb 2013 0:25 EST

'Child beauty pageants' have always been bizarre, but they recently crossed into the realm of science fiction, positing a model of beauty completely alien to the human race.

Pageant mothers used to consider their pre-adolescent daughters beautiful only when they looked like sexualized adult playmates.  But apparently that wasn't enough.  Apparently there was only so much makeup you could apply to your daughter's face, and only so much disfiguration you can legally force a child to undergo.  So these mothers have exchanged the photo studio for Photoshop.  Now their daughters aspire to actualize a model of beauty not just difficult to acquire, but completely impossible.   And completely horrifying.

"No, that's really what our daughter looks like.  You see, my husband is a GI Joe figurine..."

The most conspicuous promoter of this kind of thing is something called the Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant.  Check out their photo gallery here.

Apparently, even infants qualify:

Notice the 'improvement'?

And Asian themes are strangely popular with this crowd:

But really, having your daughter become neurotic, anorexic, or self-harming later in life is only a small price to pay for such 'beautiful' images.  And the money's good too.

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Olivia says:24 Jul 2016 6:47 EDT
Arianna Princess, no offence but you must look like a flipping weirdo, they look like dolls not real people, and they are pretty without makeup, photoshop and sick parents
Arianna Princess Miss Perfect says:27 Jun 2016 17:43 EDT
I look like that without photoshop.They ae ugly,i am the prettiest
Swagulous says:12 Jun 2016 9:58 EDT
These pictures are creepy
assssssssssspoo says:29 Oct 2014 0:13 EDT
there eyes
Anonymous says:29 Oct 2014 0:12 EDT
omg thats a lot of photo shop
kristina says:22 Oct 2014 17:00 EDT
ewww wtf they look like freking idk you mama
kristina says:22 Oct 2014 17:00 EDT
ewww wtf they look like freking idk you mama
lexi says:14 Oct 2014 13:01 EDT
there parents are forcing the t Pluck there eye brows, pump there lip. and dont froget how inaproprote there outfits are (sorry for my spelling)
Anonymous says:20 Mar 2014 17:04 EDT
Wow. These girls look like Barbie Dolls.
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