Baby Boomer Hate: The New Racism

by Chester Oldman
File under: Baby Boomers29 Jul 2013 16:57 EDT

My friends, it is difficult for me to discuss it, but I must bring you some bad news.  Young people have invented another new and disturbing trend: Baby Boomer bashing.  As if their other inventions — truancy, talking back, and pre-emptive military strikes — weren't enough, they descend to this new low.  Should hating an entire generation be considered a form of racism?  Yes, I certainly think so.

You might say: "Excuse me, sir, I get your point — but aren't you going a little overboard?"  No, absolutely not.  We're really hurting here, guys.  My people are being discriminated against, just like blacks in the South in the 1950s.  There's no difference: we're being segregated.  It's a new form of apartheid.  We, the retirees, are the real victims.  Nelson Mandela should be supporting us.

Worry about us.  Feel sorry for us.

Our pensions and Social Security payments are at risk.  Sure, the systems that sustain those funds were built on dubious grounds, and we never objected, but that's not my fault.  You promised me.  We would work, you would pay for our retirement.  I know I might sound a little childish here, like a spoiled kid screaming at his mom: "But you promised I could have dessert if I ate all my vegetables!!!"  I can assure you, though, it's absolutely nothing of the sort.

I know it's difficult for young people today to assume a condition of moral awareness and intelligence.  That's why you need to listen to me and respect my authority.  You see, my generation was instrumental in advancing the civil rights movement, and the whole world has been a stunned witness to how much we accomplished.  In major cities like Detroit, there is now a near 100% literacy rate among black high school students, and nearly 100% of them graduate.  Pretty impressive, right?  Yes, if I do say so myself, but it shouldn't stop there.  We need a new civil rights movement — one that protects the most vulnerable and innocent class of society: Baby Boomer retirees.  My people.  Me.

You should be asking yourself right now: "What can I do to help?"  The first thing you can do is join a very important social movement. 


The Gray Panther movement is NOT only for "craggy old curmudgeons."  It's about age and youth in action.  So there has never been a better time to join, and together we can work out a way for you to finance my pension.

See?  That could be you right there, in the pink skirt.  Helping out.  And although we're very hard workers, we do set aside some time for fun.  After all, we're human beings.

Don't just take my word for it.  You can always count on the testimony of brother Ken.

Right.  Now let's hammer out our agenda.

The first thing we need to do, to protect my people, is to strike pre-emptively.  This is the tried-and-true way to deal with potential problems.  Now, I know this might sound a little crazy, but I need to ask you to volunteer yourself, boys and girls, to go dutifully to prison, so that you won't pose any threat to our retirement communities, our talk radio stations, etc.  I'll even say "please."  It will be a sacrifice, I know, but it's for your own good. 

Believe us: It's best for everyone if we lock you up now.

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Anonymous says:11 Sep 2017 17:21 EDT
Are you a Jew, Oldman?
tyler_t says:01 Mar 2016 17:33 EST
no one ever went broke on the ability of a boomer to justify themselves.

You people gave us the war in Iraq, over 100,000 people murdered. Blood on your hand's boomer
Anonymous says:01 Mar 2016 17:07 EST
You idiots are certainly buying into this version of divide-and-conquer.

Yeah the boomers had it easier than millenials, especially the 60,000 of them that died in Vietnam.
Anonymous says:20 Feb 2016 12:58 EST
it is ok
bernie about to rock sh!t
Anonymous says:10 Apr 2015 10:51 EDT
Your a special kind of stupid aren't you? The boomers hate millennials FAR more than millennials hate boomers. That's what really started all of it. Your generation saw a 40 YEAR ECONOMIC EXPLOSION! That sounds great until you realize that the whole thing is bottled into your 401Ks and pensions. Leaving GenX and millennials with underemployment, $17 trillion debt, and tuition prices that are 6,000% higher than when you went to college. Your generation told us to go to college so we don't end up flipping burgers. 4 years, $30K, and a bachelors degree later we're "lazy" because we wont even take a job flipping burgers. We cant get a job because your gold spoon generation hasn't retired yet, because you want more money for retirement.
Martel732 says:20 Jan 2015 13:53 EST
If this is Hate, the Boomers should have been busted long ago for hatred of their parents generations!!!! Their hatred is far worse than any hatred of Boomers has ever been.
JC says:26 Oct 2014 6:29 EDT
Die Baby Boomers, Die!
Anglyn Hays says:30 Jul 2014 7:42 EDT
Baby boomers aren't a race, so it isn't racism at all. The boomers have been a failed experiment since at least 1985, and criticizing them should not be confused with the Civil Rights movement of their parent's generation that they abandoned long ago. Is all of this ironic? You bet.
Allison Webster says:23 Jun 2014 17:24 EDT
It's all been summed up in the new "Baby Boomer" song that just popped up on YouTube. Here it yourself. It nails 'em.

Hungry Wolf says:08 Jun 2014 19:13 EDT
No to worry, the Anti-Boomer novel has arrived.

ISBN: 978-1499282092

"The Baby Boomer generation (known as 68ers in Europe) pulled out all stops when it came to rebelling against their elders, but were treated with kid gloves by the ‘pig system’ they affected to overthrow. What would happen, though, if a new generation decided to rebel against them?

That’s exactly what occurs when a group of young Tasmanians embark on an extended campaign of subversion, exposing the many hypocrisies of the Boomer establishment...

'The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen’s Land' is a satire that works on a number of levels. It is a book desperately needed by the Zeitgeist of this pivotal era...if you read only one novel this decade, you had better make it this one."
JP says:04 Apr 2014 22:35 EDT
Implying racism is bad? Boomer scum please go
Alister says:24 Mar 2014 1:35 EDT
A group of old men called the Grey Panthers sounds a bit gay and like you want to do funny things with little boys. No thanks! not for me! I'd rather not be molested :)
Marcus Chagill says:17 Mar 2014 10:55 EDT
Hey friend from Oz, nice work -- please contact me: marcus-chagill{at}
lolololol says:17 Mar 2014 8:19 EDT
baby boomer memes! it was only a matter of time!
lolololol says:17 Mar 2014 8:19 EDT
baby boomer memes! it was only a matter of time!
Al gor says:17 Mar 2014 8:18 EDT
We invented the internet which has technically been around since before we were born!

And computers! which we invented in our dads ball sacks.

And we landed on the moon.. when the oldest of us were 20. And we fought for civil rights most of us were in elementary school

and we gave the world peace with the help of boomers like bush
ANOTHER BOOMER HATER says:04 Mar 2014 9:53 EST
I forgot the part about "Dont do drugs, dont drink until you cant stand up, dont try to have new cars, new houses, all the current new technology as soon as it comes into the store. Do what the generations before you did,"

your joking right?
the hippie generation is telling us not to do drugs (while I do agree) there is a disgusting level of hypocrisy in that statement. Thats like someone who's eating a burger telling you about the importance of a healthy diet. Where is the logic in that? I mean come on! what the fuck?

Nelson Mandela definitely should have dropped everything he was doing to help baby boomers of the western world who really have it unfair! In Fact lets rename ANZAC day to "BABYBOOMERS HAD IT TOUGH" day in honour of the pot smokers and the importance of not doing drugs. This is why we think your a joke and this is why we hate you.
ANOTHER BOOMER HATER says:04 Mar 2014 9:45 EST
the thing is though they didn't put away for there retirement. There going to bankrupt social security because they are living of the capital of today's generation. By 2050 there will be no social security! and until 2050 there will need to be an increase of 52% in taxes to pay for them! leeches! I say kill them off! They weren't as humble as you think crime rates are lower among young people today compared to young people of the swinging sixties. Maybe we should be babyboomers and treat our elderly like shit!
Shanti says:23 Feb 2014 17:27 EST
Cannot believe the disgusting comments made by all generations here. Live in the real world people. Most ordinary people do not have the power you speak of to ruin the world. Only hate and blame ruins the world. Greed by Government not individuals is to blame. Individuals from all generations suffer from the sin of greed. Cruelty, hate, greed, that's what humans are guilty of, look to History for answers. Not just post ww11. Look back further, stop you hatred and blaming it is unproductive and a waste of time. Get a job and work like the generations gone by. Do your best to provide for your families, like generations previously have. Dont do drugs, dont drink until you cant stand up, dont try to have new cars, new houses, all the current new technology as soon as it comes into the store. Do what the generations before you did, start off humble and through years of hard work try and make a comfortable retirement for yourselves. Stop wanting everything now.
change is coming says:29 Jan 2014 19:17 EST
By 2030 we will outnumber the boomers and by 2050 the boomers are said to die off given the human life expentancy will stay around 80 without taking medical advances into account. Well I say we keep the boomers alive longer and slave them to be our maids and butlers who clean our toilets ;)

Change is coming and we are angry
Cry-babyboomers says:27 Jan 2014 22:11 EST
You guys are such cry babies "where really hurting here guys" :'( first world problems! Why don't you boomers get of your lazy record breaking obese asses and do something like that guy in the comments below who beats up babyboomers. He might be nuts but he's right we don't want an internet war we can this to turn into bloodshed so either stand down and know your place boomer scum or do something about it.

Druggies, whing ass and obese junky generation
Eat some mc Donald's and take your meth
Peace and love mannnn says:26 Jan 2014 22:04 EST
This is how the world will remember you :P
Gen Y says:26 Jan 2014 21:59 EST
Well for starters were the most formally educated generation in history. With education comes a border knowledge of things and as you spent your youth being the drug fucked generation we became academics and scholars this making us a tad more smarter then you are. Reading this was a good laugh and this hate for babyboomers is only going to get worse. I am part of a movement myself, one that targets wealthy babyboomers and beats them to an inch of there life, photograph there humiliation and posts it on the internet for the world to see how weak and crumbling the drug fucked generation truly is. This is just the beginning as you get more old you get more weak and as the world you spent your life destroying gets worse the more angry we will get and we will inflict an unspeakable level of pain on you. And yes I have multiple degrees and own several homes thanks to the funds I've taken back from the babyboomers :) so no I'm not lazy I'm standing up for what's right!

|| intergeneration equality will not come unless it is forced ||
Marxist Fools says:03 Dec 2013 18:15 EST
These Millenials are carbon copies of the Boomers they hate so much! And just like the Boomers, they are too proud and stupid to listen to anyone but their stupid, spoiled selves. If these goats are our future, we are doomed.
Millennial Hunter says:24 Nov 2013 4:24 EST
I can't wait until I'm old enough to hear these pussy young people whining about how their Social Security benefits are in jeapordy. It's going to be hilarious.

Some advice for you young people: STFU, stop whining, get off your asses and get your ass to work producing and saving.
Anonymous says:29 Oct 2013 2:28 EDT
The real tragedy is how spoiling Y generation has caused such an erosion of common sense and personal responsibility. Perhaps it would be a good idea to evaluate employment opportunities before taking on massive student loans. Would also be a good idea not to use student loans or grants for vacations, concerts and the like. I know it can be tough, learn a trade or or get a degree in Health Care for instance. Not much money to date or eat out.
Top Ramen and spaghetti, pop-corn and god forbid tap water!! If you shoot for the stars and succeed great. If you blow it, sac-up and quit blaming another generation
Anonymous says:28 Oct 2013 16:19 EDT
"Your article proves you are the worst generation ever, and you yourself are a shining example of just how truly awful and delusional you grown up babies are."

So a college professor (aged 51) I know plenty of college-aged people today. And let me tell you, very few have the sort of hilariously absurd blame-a-group attitude of the writer of this article. Those few who do choose to blame an entire generation for everything they perceive as wrong with the world tend to be angry and miserable and would be regardless of conditions...their impressionable minds are ripe for exploitation and manipulation by low-brow writers.
Gen x says:22 Oct 2013 17:08 EDT
Gen Y seriously ? A working UN? How about NO UN?
Generation Y says:04 Oct 2013 13:26 EDT
The Baby Boomer generation has ruined it for the Y Generation. Just like the previous baby boomer generation ruined it for that times Gen Y, more commonly known as the G.I Generation, The Greatest Generation, the generation sent to war in the 1940's by the "then" baby boomers. But when the "BB's" are gone, we can do things like the G.I-gen did, like get NASA running, uphold a working U.N and lay the groundwork for the greatest economic growth in human history. (Source: Generational Theory - Strauss Howe, Wiki it, you dinosaur.)
Serpentor says:27 Sep 2013 8:26 EDT
Your article proves you are the worst generation ever, and you yourself are a shining example of just how truly awful and delusional you grown up babies are.
Jeff77450 says:20 Sep 2013 13:17 EDT
I don't want to be the girl in the pink skirt, I want to date her.
Anonymous says:13 Sep 2013 11:13 EDT
Anonymous says:31 Jul 2013 1:26 EDT

+1 for use of the word "droll"
Sean says:30 Jul 2013 11:39 EDT
Very droll, and very old. (Blaming some one else for your problems) I would like for you to point out how I am personally responsible for the hideous condition of the city of Detroit. I am not in a position of power there, never have been, but the blacks have been in charge of it for the last forty + years. Try this on for size, hot shot. This country is in the shape it's in because of the communists riddling it, and their opposition not playing by the same rules.
Anonymous says:30 Jul 2013 9:28 EDT
Ia this a joke?
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