There Is A Special Place In Hell For Maury Povich

by Timothy R. Sunday
File under: Fake Culture15 Oct 2013 16:00 EDT

Because somebody had to say it. 

I can hear you complaining now, "Quit wasting our time calling out this tabloid fodder. We've got big problems, huge problems in business, finance, and government. The government's shut down, we're broke, and American women have turned to selling body parts to stay afloat." 

All true, but in a country where Maury Povich isn't even ashamed to show his face in public, we've only seen the beginning of regular political and economic catastrophe. A country that generates sufficient viewership to support his show, and has done so for over 20 years, is proceeding from a position of extreme self-hatred even before a single policy is crafted. The day Maury goes into exile is the day things might start to change for the better.

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Anonymous says:10 Oct 2014 17:59 EDT
I can't believe this man can show his face in public. I actually tried to watch his "who my baby daddy?" show and simply couldn't. I found it too painful to waste my time on. Maury clearly has NO self respect - he is just a hack.
X-Citizen says:16 Oct 2013 8:39 EDT
This is incomplete without a comparison with Oprah. What does FN think of Oprah?
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