The Time Magazine News Ghetto, Part 2

by Lesly Price
File under: Fake Culture21 Oct 2013 13:29 EDT

Because nobody complained when they did it last time (except us),Time Magazine is at it again: providing propaganda to the domestic audience, and real news to the rest of the world.

US readers get "Bloomberg Unbound" as the cover story, while everyone else gets "Asia's Obama Problem".

Not that this ruins Time's credibility or anything (because it doesn't have any to begin with),but it does continue to chip away at the credibility of the average American, who seems content to tolerate increasingly lower levels of journalistic standards. 

Your next door neighbor might complain about this.  Then he will read Time anyway, with a shrug: "It's the #1 news magazine in the US.  What am I supposed to do, just drop out of the culture?"

Why would anyone want to drop out of the culture, when we've got people like Michael R. Bloomberg running it?

Your call.

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