The Time Magazine News Ghetto

by Lesly Price
File under: Fake Culture18 Sep 2013 14:02 EDT


Check out the worldwide covers for this week's issue of Time Magazine:

Notice anything funny?

Here's a larger version of the issue intended for non-US markets:

And here's the issue intended for the US:

Obvious troll is obvious.  But notice that the US cover story is not news at all: it's just an opinion piece about an utterly irrelevant topic.  Bonus points to the editors for using a photo of Johnny Manzeil's crotch.  Once more, in detail:

Not that we had any respect for the Boomerish trolls and munchkins at Time Magazine to begin with, but this should be more proof that American news media has degenerated into Third World-style "pro-government" sources and "opposition" sources.  America is now the civilized world's news ghetto.  Not that anyone here seems to mind.  In fact, Brian Frydenborg probablylikes it.

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Nuke the Bourgeoisie says:25 Jan 2014 4:06 EST
Duuuude, you're soooooo on! Evil Time Magazine part of evil corporate America-Europe. You're a poet and a GENIUS!!!!! But why don't you have any comments here? Why aren't people reading your prophetic revelations? That guy Brian Frydenborg seems to have numerous articles with like 100+ comments, you can do better than that TRAITOR!! why doesn't the world see what you're doing and support you more?! DOWN WITH THE SYSTEM!
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