PolicyMic: Corporatist Journalism for Clueless Millennials

by Cara Lentz
File under: Baby Boomers22 Aug 2013 15:33 EDT

PolicyMic is a user-generated news website designed for Millennials.  It is also 'innovative'.  According to their About Us page:

At PolicyMic, we're convinced that news doesn't need to be sterile and politics don't need to be partisan.

Yeah!  Who needs political parties or objective reportage?  We Millennials sure don't.  What we need, instead, is to 'debate' things...

PolicyMic is all about the spirit of debate ... We're giving a platform to the next generation of of pundits and reporters who are ready for productive discussion and a new kind of dialogue.

Nevermind that the idea of a political debate without partisanship actually amounts to an internal discussion in a single-party system.  But let's give these hapless people the benefit of the doubt for a moment.  Let's assume they do actually want to foster some kind of debate.

Every debate has a moderator, and at PolicyMic there are two: Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz, the founders of the site.  But Chris is the real prime mover.  He even experienced a 'light bulb' moment when he decided to start PolicyMic.  As Business Insider reports:

Yes, Chris decided to start PolicyMic while working a night shift at Goldman Sachs.  Now, as BI also reports: "he edits every story and controls the social media department".

Maybe Chris left Goldman Sachs because he was disgusted with the corporatist, Boomer-crafted business culture there?  In an interview with Business Insider, he provides some insight:

No real problem with Goldman.  In fact, he seems to treat PolicyMic as a 'step down'.  At least it proved to be a good place to spend his bonus:

Altchek is, ideologically speaking, a corporatist (whether he actually recognizes himself as one or not).  PolicyMic is simply a platform for advancing the corporatist agenda in the youth wings of both political parties.  

So although it apparently offers some kind of news 'alternative' for Millennials sick of Boomer culture, PolicyMic is in fact a way to bring Millennials of all political stripes back under Baby Boomer influence.  It's a fake alternative, and it can only produce fake debates.  Millennials who are clueless enough to fall for it will be responsible for their increased political alienation in the future.

The real tragedy here is that so many so-called libertarians have wittingly or unwittingly decided to contribute to that site.  Allow me to remind you guys: corporatism is a form of collectivism, and collectivism is the opposite of individualism — you know, that thing which is supposed to be a core principle of libertarianism.  Stop letting others take advantage of you.  Stop working for your own ideological enemies.  Develop some ideological awareness so you can see these threats coming.  There are other people out there counting on you.


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Clueless says:04 Dec 2013 16:04 EST
So, you think that all Millenials share the same ideology? Ok, I guess that would be some modern version of Marxism, judging from this site.
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