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by Kelly Breaux
File under: Fake Freedom05 Feb 2013 13:48 EST

By any metric, we are currently living in the most unfree period of American history.  So it's good to know that the freedom-loving libertarians are out there, working for radical reform, addressing the big issues.

In fact, at the upcoming 2013 International Students for Liberty Conference, they will be hosting a special 'breakout session' on the absolutely pressing problem of The Libertarian Gender Gap.  Just because, you know, that socialized medicine problem and stuff has already been taken care of.  One of the panelists is even a former MTV VJ:

 Kennedy, "Radical Activist"

"So, why are there so few libertarian women?" their PR statement muses.  "Theories abound, and while the cause may be manifold [sic], there are concrete solutions and steps that we as libertarians can take..."  Good.  It sounds like they will actually solve this one.  Then they can move on to asking how their 'liberty' agenda has somehow been infiltrated by their 'enemies' on the left.

But this little event isn't really about a 'gender gap' issue, or any issue at all.  It's about relinquishing the responsibility of issues, about calmly surrending to the status quo in a feelgood 'you go girl!' sort of way.

Though these people sometimes advocate radical measures like the total legalization of drugs, they are not radicals.  Radicals are not happy, contented, well-adjusted people -- they fundamentally disagree with the social system they live under.  They are, by definition, dissatisfied and upset.

If you want to see what a real radical female looks and sounds like, I suggest you watch this BBC interview with Tanja Nijmeijer, a Dutch fighter for the FARC rebels in Colombia (nb: her ideals and methods are highly questionable).  There are surely fewer females in the FARC than in International Students for Liberty, but I didn't hear her complain once.

 Tanja Nijmeijer, Radical Activist


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