Baby Boomer 'Apology' Season

by Rob Schneider
File under: Baby Boomers10 Oct 2013 16:09 EDT

As the house of cards that is our civil society continues to collapse on itself, mainstream sources have had to darken their tone to maintain any credibility whatsoever. This has given birth to a fascinating new genre still in its infancy: the Baby Boomer apology. The possibilities have only begun to be explored, ranging from fatherly advice to installments on financial shows. But leave it to Joe Klein of Time magazine to set the bar very high for what is sure to be a growth industry in the coming years.

Sounds serious, doesn't it? Don't believe the hype. Klein is still on the first page of the Baby Boomer playbook – admitting to a less serious problem, to cover up the larger deceit underneath. It's the government that the Boomers ruined, nothing else. There's just this problem in D.C., but otherwise Americans are getting on just fine. We love the educational, financial, and cultural legacies they've left behind. Keep in mind this attempt at delimiting the problem as he frames the situation:

Very well done, Mr. Klein. It's your generation that is to blame, but only one part, to which you conveniently don't even belong. In other words, a non-apology apology, as Americans have gotten so used to hearing in recent years.

In any case, a quick check of facts would reveal that the Tea Party as a movement was decidedly not dominated by Boomers

Ok, so far we've gotten an apology that blames the problem on a non-existent class of people, a familiar Boomer tactic. This is real leveling and personal intimacy here. But we're just getting started with this unexpected confession of the soul. Get ready for the obligatory rehashing of lost 1960s idealism and a telling yearning for Richard Nixon:

So it's people like Senator Ted Cruz's father that are to blame, i.e. crazy racist Boomers. Senator Cruz's father was born in 1939 in Cuba, so it's really hard to see how he fits into the milieu of the post-war American baby boom. And even harder to see how pointing out his alleged guilt constitutes an apology from Mr. Klein and his friends in the center-left media, which is actually dominated by Boomers. 

This may be the closest thing to an actual apology in the entire article, and even it is horribly blind to itself. The Gadsden flag is more of an empty symbol than the Obama 'O' logo? Yes, the shrill street theater of the New Left is a problem, but of the immediate present, not of the past. 

A Boomer speaking ill of the 1965 Voting Rights Act? Pointing out how their contribution to the legacy of the civil rights movement was to turn the country into warring interest groups? Well perhaps this is the deathbed confession... maybe he is going to admit that it was all just a ruse to gain power, that there really hasn't been an ideological struggle in this country for decades, that racial and economic equality have been destroyed while everyone pays them lip service, that the Boomers took a proud and genuinely diverse culture and turned it into a stale ghetto of exploitation theater... maybe...

And we had our hopes up. We did a lot of good work, but we've just kind of destroyed your government. Just forgive us that one. Never mind that because of the inflationary expansion of government to all sectors of society that occurred under the Boomers, this is actually tantamount to admitting the total devastation of the upcoming geneartion. Yet, to Klein, this is still just another detached debate on a typical Boomer Sunday morning political talk show, with the requisite pleas for centrism as a panecea for fatal systemic problems. The advice to right their wrongs by being 'more collegial' consists, in practice, of doing what the Boomers have already done for decades – coming together in some further destructive bipartisan compromise after their entire system has hit some wall of reality in terms of finances or public opinion.

Millenials, take note at what we were offered here. A non-apology apology, and advice to keep doing the same thing. An insult to us that is not to be taken seriously, but we're still really going to enjoy this faux atonement. It lends the Boomers a kind of grandfatherly seriousness they don't easily assume in their War on Old Age. Heaven knows it is hard to be taken seriously on the august pages of Time magazine's website. 

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Millennial Hunter says:24 Nov 2013 4:13 EST
It's true that the Boomers fucked up the system by voting for DumbocRATS for too long. The result is uncontrolled government and government debt, schools that produce graduates unprepared for ANY part of real life, a nation of dopers, cities filled with subhuman criminal scum, many industries leaving the nation, unspeakable corruption in all levels of government from the neighborhood HOA to the office of the president, corrupt government employees that cannot be fired for ANYTHING, uncontrolled breeding, and on and on and on and on and on and on. Boomers botched it big time, but guess what: not only are Millennials going to get fucked by it, so are the boomers.

What can you do? STFU, get off your useless asses, and get to work producing and saving. What are you doing reading this shit - GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET BUSY. Your whining is accomplising absolutely nothing!
Any Non Mouse says:21 Oct 2013 0:10 EDT
Heh - nothing vague about it. Our team has rules. Everyone learns to recite them aloud at the beginning of the season and everyone agrees to obey them. Nothing is sprung on anyone.

And I don't care what they do or say when they're with their peers. When they're with the team, they abide by the rules. One of those rules is that we all know you fucked up and we don't care if you're sorry. We just want you to fix it.

You could make any argument you choose - for any team *you* coach.

I don't hold a gun to anyone's head. The door is always open if anyone wants to leave. Funny thing - no one ever does... In fact, they fight to be a part of this process.

I wonder why that is.

No - Actually I don't wonder. But you might.
Anonymous says:18 Oct 2013 17:22 EDT
oh lord, you're one of those asshole coaches that decides to put a penalty on some minor turn of phrase that's completely ubiquitous among a group of peers, punishing people for their natural tendency to use language that's actually in circulation. The argument could be made the exact opposite way - accepting responsibility openly is the first step to owning and solving your problems right? but hey, having your vague and confused notions enforced on them as if a sports coach should be seen as some kind of moral authority figure or life coach should help along the deep, lifelong disillusionment that any of these kids with an IQ over 100 are probably very familiar with already by their teens.
Any Non Mouse says:17 Oct 2013 10:03 EDT

I coach a teen sport.

On our team we don't allow apologies. We don't allow the phrases "my bad" or "my fault" to be used. And if anyone does, the entire team pays the price via consequences - typically some physical activity like burpees.


Because everyone knows you fucked up - there is no need to say "my bad." We all saw it. And if you keep repeating the same actions again and again, your apology is worthless.

Shut up, fix the problem, and move on.

Many adults would be well-served by learning this lesson.
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