A Prebuttal to the Rubio Fantasy

by Marcus Chagill
File under: Fake Freedom15 Feb 2013 2:40 EST

Marco Rubio is the last hope for the Republican cause in America, according to his political opponents.

After all, the first term senator has non-white ancestry, which makes for such a great story!  I don’t think I’ve even heard a story like that before. He has even written his memoirs at the ripe old age of 41 in a national bestseller, Dreams From My Father -- no, wait, that was another politician, sorry.  It was An American Son that Rubio wrote, and this is the real deal, a real story of his rise from a hardworking immigrant background to the political class (progress?).

Behold that steely determination on his face to fight for America.  This is the kind of swift, decisive turn away from the TMZ politics of media spectacle, ethnic exploitation, and cheap fame we need in a time of national crisis.

But not everybody loves dashing young Marco.  It’s hard being an intrepid young reformer in a city of entrenched power.  In fact, many will refuse to give you a fair hearing.  Mr. Rubio gave a rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union on Tuesday, but some apparatchiks in the Democratic party accused him of saying he wanted to starve the helpless, old, and disabled before he even opened his mouth!  

This ‘prebuttal’ may have been an insidious psychological stage maneuver used to derail Marco’s moment in the spotlight.  It’s similar to how a live performance actor secretly out to destroy the career of another player on the stage might say one of his lines too early, only to have his adversary stumble in reply and look the fool to the audience. Earnest young Marco, so eager to communicate his vision to save America, was deeply hurt by this kind of staged gladiatorial nastiness. It’s hard to sincerely read your teleprompter, remember to gesture naturally, and smoothly transition to water breaks when you know they’ve judged your story before you’ve even told it.

The general consensus in the media has been that this appearance proves that Rubio 'isn't ready for primetime', and indeed acting lessons are in order. He should start with going through his book a few times, or at least consulting the ghostwriter to get into character. Or perhaps he can finally become Obama’s official understudy for the role of President.

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